Neuron Fund

Product overview

A bird's flight overview of Neuron protocol

What is Neuron

DeFi, or Decentralized Finance, opens opportunities for gaining returns on crypto-investments. There are many parts of DeFi, including lending platforms, liquidity protocols, stock synthetics, automated market makers, derivatives, and more. Unfortunately, there isn't an abundance of protocols aiming to increase capital efficiency, using assets one already owns.
Neuron Fund is an innovative on-chain derivatives DeFi protocol that leverages web3 technology to deliver attractive performance on user's deposits and composes option selling strategies with yield farming to increase capital efficiency. Neuron's been thoroughly audited by a top-notch security firm.

How does Neuron work? What are the use cases?

Neuron currently offers two main products and a locking system for additional yield:


  • Neuron Options are multicollateralized for increasing option strategies profitability (since every covered short position can gain yield)
  • Neuron pools are an evolutionary step forward for derivative on-chain products and enable adding up to 15% APY running automated derivative strategies on a vast range of assets, including Curve liquidity deposits. In simple LaTeX terms:
    Total APYOption Pool=Liquidity Yield(Curve)+YieldOption WritingTotal\ APY_{Option\ Pool} =Liquidity\ Yield_{(Curve)}+Yield_{Option\ Writing}
  • Time-staking NEUR for veNEUR: possibility of receiving a share of protocol revenue and voting rights

Market makers

Market makers can buy option contracts (noTokens) at Neuron's open auctions weekly, usually at a discount to the market price.


Protocols can add their tokens to liquidity mining and/or Neuron option pools to increase their adoption and TVL - drop us a note @ [email protected].


We've established some media volumes for Neuron; you can find them in our Links section.

Governance aka veNEUR DAO

Neuron is governed and owned by a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization).
Holders of veNEUR, a representation of NEUR token that has been time-locked on the platform for a set duration, receive voting rights along with potentially participating in the protocol's revenue sharing.

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