Neuron Fund

Profit sharing

veNEUR holders are entitled to a share of Neuron Pools’ revenue proportional to the veNEUR balance.

How does profit sharing in Neuron work?

A hefty part of the protocol's revenue is distributed in market-bought NEURs (more on our distribution and fees).
The amount that a user is entitled to is determined by their proportional share of the total veNEUR supply multiplied by the number of NEURs that are distributed weekly, e.g.
DistributedNEURUser=RevenueTime Period∗veNEURUserveNEURTotalDistributedNEUR_{User}=Revenue_{Time\ Period}*\frac{veNEUR_{User}}{veNEUR_{Total}}

How do I claim my pending NEUR rewards?

Users can claim their rewards on the veNEUR page.