Neuron Fund


What is Neuron?

Neuron Fund is an innovative on-chain derivatives DeFi protocol that has two products at the start: multicollateralized Neuron Options for more profitable options trading (every covered short position can gain yield) and Neuron Pools running an automated options trading strategy.
Neuron Pools enhance capital efficiency and yield in DeFi by running automated derivative strategies on a vast range of assets, including users’ often idle Curve liquidity pool deposits. In simple terms, option pool APY summarizes liquidity yield in Curve and option selling yield.

How is Neuron different from other protocols?

For options traders, Neuron offers a flexible choice of collateral for gaining yield on every short position.
For Neuron Pools depositors, the Curve pool can be chosen in alpha-generating option strategies. The yield is summarized as Pool users can use their liquidity deposits as collaterals.

What's an option? It all seems too complex to grasp; will I even be able to ape into Neuron?

An option is a financial derivative allowing for numerous strategies; more in our article. And sure, we've made the UI straightforward, so anyone would be able to join the evolution of finance 🦄 Go and try it!

How do I deposit? Is there a guide?

See How-Tos for guides on working with Neuron’s UI.

Is the protocol DAO-controlled?

Yes, Neuron is planned to be DAO-owned from the first day. The community will own more than half of the total NEUR supply.

Will you deploy on L2/other chains?

We do have such plans and will definitely keep everyone updated 🚀

What can I do with NEUR?

NEUR holders can time-stake their tokens to participate in protocol governance and earn fees generated by Neuron Pools. Learn more about Time-staking.

How can I earn NEUR?

NEUR is earned in multiple ways, more here: Earning NEUR.

What's veNEUR? Does it have any value?

veNEUR is Neuron Fund's governance token. Users can lock their NEURs for up to 2 years to participate in voting and receive possible incentives to be added by DAO approval.

What are the risks?

Neuron Fund smart contracts have been audited. We plan to run a constant bug bounty program, additionally.
There is also a slim chance that the price of NEUR goes to 0. However, that's hugely offset by our tokenomics' incentivization mechanisms and providing AMM liquidity. And, as always:
Only invest what you can afford to lose and do your own due diligence.

Can't I do the Neuron Fund functions myself?

That's likely not possible - if we were just talking about auto-compounding the liquidity pool for increased rewards, sure. But Neuron pools take capital efficiency to virtually another level: minting option contracts on liquidity pool deposits and automatically using yield-bearing tokens as the collateral is not feasible due to know-how, fees - the whole nine yards. More on Neuron pools page.

Where are the Smart Contracts?

All of the deployed smart contracts used by Neuron Fund are available at our Github.

I want to work at Neuron. Where do I apply?

That's great! Welcome to our Careers page, and let's proceed from that 👷

We're a crypto market maker and would like to buy options. Whom do I contact?

At Neuron, options contracts (in the form of Neuron Option tokens, noTokens) will be sold via an open batch auction, so everyone is invited.

I'm representing a DeFi protocol and would like to include [protocol name] into Neuron’s liquidity mining and/or options strategy pool.

Feel free to contact us at [email protected] 🤗