Neuron Fund

How to get NEUR

Buying NEUR

Looking to do some NEURogenesis? It's easy: you can buy NEURs by clicking the button on our app's frontend. It's going to take you to the right place:
Please verify that our smart contract address is correct at all times

Earning NEUR

NEUR can be earned as follows:
  • Depositing in Neuron Option Pools and then staking received share to get NEUR rewards
  • NEUR’s community incentives vesting follows a yearly halving schedule, linear on every yearly interval. After the first year, half of all incentives are vested. Token amount unlocked after n blocks is described by the following function:
    30,000,000∗(1−1/2blockssinceTGEblocksyear)30,000,000 * (1-1/2^{\dfrac{blocks_{sinceTGE}}{blocks_{year}}})
  • Providing liquidity to the NEUR:ETH Uniswap pool.
  • ​Time-staking NEUR for veNEUR, since Neuron Pools’ revenue is distributed as NEUR tokens proportionate to user’s veNEUR balance