Neuron Fund

NEUR token


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Neuron employs a modified veTokenomics model pioneered at Curve. There are two types of "tokens" - NEUR and veNEUR. The first one is a ERC20 token, with the other being a representation of locked NEUR weighted for the remaining lock time - the balance assigned to a user.

What is NEUR?

Supply and emission

Max Supply: 200 M
100% minted during the genesis event.
The goal of the distribution is to ensure that the community has over 50% of voting power in the protocol. Everything but the NEUR token and DAO itself is deployed upon a DAO decision.
NEUR is an ERC20 token, starting as a governance token through NEUR time-staking for veNEUR. Other functions can be attached to the NEUR token by DAO decision.
NEUR vesting schedule

NEUR Allocations

11.95% of early backers' and 3.7% of contributors' allocation is reserved for future rounds and protocol development.
DAO Treasury Multisig
NEUR Incentives For Users
1.3% allocated (5% total)
Early backers
5.05% allocated (17% total)

Community: 53%

  • DAO Treasury Multisig: 23%, linearly vested over a year. Managed by the DAO-enacted treasury multisig.
  • NEUR Incentives For Users: 30%, rewards for liquidity providers in NEUR pools. In the first year half (15% of Total Supply) is linearly released,
    is released on year n after the protocol launch.

Team and Contributors: 31.35% allocated (47% total)

  • Team: 25%, developed the protocol and contributed in since earliest days
  • Contributors: 5% (1.3% allocated, 3.7% reserved), those who aided in development for more than a year before protocol launch
  • Early backers: 17% (5.05% allocated, 11.95% reserved), early community members who put a lot of time since more than half a year before launch and provided help, vision, connections, resources, and capital necessary for the protocol to succeed long-term.
Lockup for contributors: 12 months since project launch, and then linear vesting over two years